Welcome to the Conference Report

This blog was opened in April 2006 as a site for the working through of ideas which inform my research. Initially I adopted the small conceit that it was the diary of a delegate at some unidentifiable and amorphous academic conference, partly in tribute to the work of Stanislaw Lem whose work I greatly admire. This conceit was soon blurred however and it became more of a multivalent repository in which a variety of written and non-written forms blend and clash. This variability in the mode of address which the blog form began to offer went on to inform my research significantly, and the concept of the blog, together with other expressive forms enabled by Web 2.0 technology, came to represent for me a kind of ‘haptic’ knowledge. By this I mean that this place of online writing is not distanced and objective, but nor is it purely of the subject or simply a matter of taste. Rather it is conceptually located, for me at least, within the compass of one’s arms, and has a ‘hands-on’ quality. This idea of haptic knowledge, and the possible instancing of blog writing as being of this type, is explored in the blog itself and also in the various projects which have emerged from the processes recorded here. These emergent entities I have termed ‘Outcomes’ and can be accessed HERE.

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I have closed this blog on May 1st 2008 to allow it to function as a stand-alone entity, although it is mirrored and continued here.